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The Dam Busters (Special Edition)

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 03:23 PM





If only our clever old boffins could come up with some way to blow up Germany's dams. But surely it's impossible. How do you get a bomb into just the right position to shatter a huge structure of solid concrete that's cushioned against any sort of impact by a vast body of water on one side? One boffin, Barnes Wallis, had the nutty idea that you could get a bomb into the perfect place for dam destruction if you could just get it to bounce across the reservoir then sink on impact with the dam. Ridiculous! Or so the men from the ministry were inclined to think. But Barnes did it. He needed all his perseverance and ingenuity and when he finally succeeded, he modestly gave credit for the original idea to Nelson, who found that canon balls could do enemy ships more damage if you could get them to bounce across the water. Because the RAF fliers had to drop the bombs so precisely, they had to invent a way of ensuring the right altitude (it had to be exactly 60 feet) and distance from the dams (600 yards). The needs of the time seem to have given rise to a fountain of ingenious solutions from our brave, clever chaps.

The Dam Busters is a wonderful film of heroism and stoicism in fighting a strong and resourceful foe abroad and battling the frustrating inertia of a rigid bureaucracy at home. It's a remarkable, true story, very moving, reminds us of what we have to be grateful for, who we should be proud of, and why. The acting is excellent and the music is that *Dam Busters Music* that we always associate with The Dam Busters film.
There can be few people who have never seen this superb war film recounting the design of the Bouncing bomb which was designed specifically for one purpose to burst the dams of the Rhur valley in Germany and thus cripple the industrial manufacturing base of the country.

Wing Commander Guy Gibson awarded the VC for his command of 617 squadron played really well by Richard Todd.

Recently on reading Guy Gibsons early 60s paperback autobiography about Bomber Command entitled "Enemy Coast Ahead" and now thankfully back in print after many years, the enactment of scenes in the film are very true to life having been given no embelishments to improve the story.

Every single scene in the film is relevant to the story even down to Gibson and fellow officer watching the West end production in London, coming up with the ingenious idea of using searchlight beams to accurately assertain the correct height of his aircraft whilst in flight

The tension,huge loss of life with eight Lancasters with the eight crew failing to return and the now famous Dambusters March.

Possibly the special effects now well over 50 years old may appear dated but nothing detracts from making the Dambusters one of the most convincing and accurate depictions of true wartime events.

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 05:10 PM

Completely agree.  You are starting to pull from my collection now.  I got the BRD version of this edition when it priced dipped from Amazon UK.

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 03:59 PM

A fantastic film.


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