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The Long, Dark Hall

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 12:33 AM





Now, this is one I haven't seen, but simply must get my hands on -- if only for the prospect of seeing Rex Harrison in a film noir. Somehow, I can never disassociate him from his role in My Fair Lady, so this should be interesting..!!


From the Amazon reviews:-

This is heavyweight British drama from the fifties at its best. Rex Harrison is the male lead playing opposite his, then, real life wife Lilli Palmer. Rex Harrison plays married man Arthur Groome who discovers his showgirl girlfriend’s (Rose Mallory) murdered body in her Earls Court flat. When plod (the ever excellent Raymond Huntley playing the head plod, Chief Inspector Sullivan) comes a knocking Arthur Groome denies all knowledge of Rose Mallory which ends up with him inadvertently in the frame for her murder. A court case ensues. Arthur Groome’s wife, Mary Groome (played by Lilli Palmer), stands by her man in court.

The Brits at the time must have been trying to match the American’s talent for heavy high contrast dramatically lit black and white film noir images because they really lay it on with a trowel here – nothing necessarily wrong with that as it definitely helps to create convincingly menacing places. And this is an excellent and brand new transfer that does justice to those images.

Watch out for Ballard Berkeley (who famously was the doddery Major in 'Fawlty Towers') who here plays Superintendent Maxey. 


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